Ding (Sidebar)

About this super power:

The Ding (Sidebar) section will allow you to add notification messages for your members. There is a notification button that gets displayed on top of the page and when your member clicks it, a sidebar filled with your notifications appears.

How to use this section:

Section Settings:


The button controls how the button appears on the page and what text and icon is used for the button. Open up the Button settings group to change the following settings:

  • Heading - this will change the text that appears on the button

  • Background / Text Colors: this controls the color used by the button

  • Position - you can choose if you want the button to appear on the left or right side of the screen

  • Icon - select the icon that you would like to use. There are predefined icons as well as "Custom". When using "Custom" you can use any of the icons found on Font Awesome.

    • Custom Icon - when "Custom" is used as the icon type, you must paste in a Font Awesome icon snippet. Browse Font Awesome and search for an icon, then click the icon code to copy the text (it should look like the example shown).

  • Animation - this controls how the button will appear when the page is loaded.

The button will not appear until a post is shown.

Post List

The Post List section group controls how the sidebar appears as well as the heading that is shown in the sidebar

  • Position - you can have the sidebar appear on the left or right of the screen when it is opened

  • Heading - This will change the text of the heading that is shown when the sidebar opens

  • Background / text Colors - This will control the colors of the heading when the sidebar opens

Post Types

You can specify up to 4 different post types. You can change the label and color used for the post type. This will allow your members to quickly see certain types of posts. Changing the settings in this settings group will effect all posts that you have added.

Announcement Posts

To add announcements, you must add an announcement post in the Blocks portion of the section. Each announcement post has it's own set of settings to control what is shown, how/when it appears and who see's it

Announcement Post Settings

  • Image or Video - Use this setting to decide if you want the image, video or no media displayed.

  • Image - upload an image to be used for the announcement. Remove the default sample image if you want a text only announcement post

  • Video - select a video option to display a video in your announcement post. Selecting a video will over ride the image option

  • Heading - this is the title that is shown for the announcement

  • Description - this is the main text that appears in the post announcement - be sure to stick to basic formatting options like bold, color, lists, links. Using other options in the WYSIWYG editor may result in undesired results

  • Publish - this is the date that you would like the post to appear. It also optionally shows in the post listing. The publish date controls the order in which the posts appear in the list with most recent always on top.

  • Hide on Date and Hide Date - if selected, this will be the date that the post is automatically removed

  • Link text and Page - When you specify "link text" there will be a link associated with the item

  • Type Color - select one of the items in the list to associate it with the color and label that was set in the Post types settings. Note: this list shown does not change to match the labels you have chosen. But the label shown will be what you specify.

  • Custom - when you choose a Type Color of Custom, you can specify any label and color you wish

  • Target user

    • All - this post will be shown to all users

    • Enrolled In / Not Enrolled In / Completed / Not Completed - When selected you must select a corresponding course or bundle in the Target Products setting

    • Target Product choose a course or bundle. ex: Enrolled In / Course One will result in showing this post only to users who are enrolled in Course One

The posts will show in order of the publish date with most recent always on top

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